John Adelman

My drawings affirm conceptual forethought and process as equal to the final product. They use gel ink pens and are a fulfillment of a formula. This formula is instituted at the beginning, and is unaltered throughout the duration of a work and yields its own resolution. The drawings are an ode to the component. Each work uses a single resource, a collection of specific quantities, such as an unabridged dictionary. The drawing is realized when the component, through a variety of methods, is culled from the resource and coupled with a set of variables. This reveals an order and structure amongst the chaos, happenstance and improbability. While a work is in progress, I attempt to remove the activities associated with aesthetic concerns. Instead, I concern myself with the adherence to the original conceptual decisions. The text, derived from the 1979 Unabridged Encyclopedic Webster’s Dictionary, is handwritten, both the word and definition(s) until the formula is complete. The title is the word that directly follows that last word of the previous piece. The title word’s definition is changed from the meaning ascribed it by the English language to a definition on how this particular work is performed.