Ryan Molloy & Jim Stevens

“writing wall” is a dialogue between architecture and typography, masonry and the written word. Masonry doubles as letterform and the creation of a built environment becomes synonymous with syntax forming sentences, paragraphs, and narratives. Bricks, blocks and tiles are generally the same dimensions, textures and colors. Conversely, letters, paragraphs and stories are rich in variations and can be fluidly remixed by the writer. “writing wall” seeks to challenge our assumptions of the physical environment and language.

A small computer numeric controlled (CNC) milling machine was created to fit into a traveling case—this devices carves the molds necessary to create each mass-customized letter. A “writer” can take the suitcase CNC to any site where foam molds can be cut on demand. Masonry units/letterforms are then cast, dried and stacked. The “written” work then is created as the author begins to form the built object pushing the conventions of typography and/or questioning architectonic function.