Lance Winn

My work results from exploring the impact of physical process on an initial image or idea. While the final products of my investigations take a variety of forms, from drawing to installation to video and robotics, the work is held together by a consistency of action, often repetitive and physically uninspiring, that attempts to develop complex experience out of simple, somewhat absurd “laws” governing the development of specific pieces.

I am trying to create generative processes (like the tracing of a contour or the attempt to follow an edge using a tool with particular physical limitations) that, through shear duplication, begin to show what an event or idea looks like, rather than what it means. The interference of a physical investigation on an intellectual construct causes the initial question to be overwhelmed and lost, turning what could be socially significant into visual pattern that rests between wavelengths or the reverberations of invisible forces, and baroque decoration. There is an underlying desire to be able to interpret the pattern of these generative actions; a hope that, through abstract form, some sense might be made of senseless, yet concrete events. But there is also an understanding that the attempt at understanding, in this case, will be more likely to produce an aesthetic object than an answer.

As my work moves between different methods of production and reproduction, I am trying to test both the possibilities and the limitations of our various modes of communication. I am trying to conceive of a more fluid interaction between the meaning created by our environment and the meaning we project onto the events in our lives. Using the language and ideas behind our methods of reproducing images and objects, I would like to explore the nature of communication, as it depends upon difference and separation, and the effects this may have on our perception, as the way we “see” is filtered through the conceptual boundaries we construct.